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What We Have

Utopia Jungle World is cognizant of the demanding requirements faced by parents of raising kiddos in this fast paced & stressful society. Hence, the idea of providing a secure & fun environment where kiddos and parents can spend quality time to play and learn was conceived.


Through a series of exciting and interactive edutainment rides and activities, Utopia Jungle World provides an avenue to both develop & enhance kiddos' fine motor and socialisation skill.


  • JB 1st Jungle theme park

  • JB 1st biggest indoor edutainment theme park.

  • Daily customised games and activities targeted for kiddos of differing ages.

  • Comprehensive Membership card system with rewarding benefits.

  • Hourly town hall group activities over weekend Sat/Sun.

  • Provides cleaning and disinfection services on all equipment’ surfaces daily.

  • Theme Park is covered by public insurance.

  • Interactive activities and games are conducted in dual languages of English and Mandarin.

  • Experienced management team and well trained crew members

Utopia Area:

  • Jungle World

  • Bricks World

  • Bumper Car

  • Rainbow Tree

  • Nature's Beach

  • Balloon House

  • Interactive Slide

  • Adventure Pool

  • Designated stage for activities & performance

  • Art Zone

" An active child is a learning child; learn thru play and play thru learn the Utopia’s way! "

店名:Utopia Jungle World


时间:11AM - 9PM

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