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About Us

An active child is a learning child; LEARN thru PLAY and PLAY thru LEARN the Utopia’s way!

Utopia  Jungle World children playground is presented with Jungle World, Bricks World, Bumper Car, Rainbow Tree, Nature's Beach, Balloon House, Interactive Slide, Adventure Pool and has room for children's ' Art Zone '. Here is also ideal for stage for any child activities or performances.

Utopia Jungle World also provided packages for Jungle World, Brick World, Bumper Car and Combo package for all. Free for parents. Have fun later with the kids!

* Every child is mandatory to 'Sanitizer' before entering premise.

* Children with temperatures above 37.4 degrees celsius are not allowed to enter.

* Utopia Jungle World is also the ideal venue for having birthday party or other special occasion for children.


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